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Lawn Grass Seed

Lawn Grass Seed - Lawn grass seed varieties for premium, low input and economical lawn grass seed applications. Great prices, professional service and fast shipping!


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Bahia Grass Seed - Bahia grasses are WARM season perennial grasses commonly used in the south for lawns, pastures and recreational areas.  Bahia varieties produce a durable, drought tolerant and insect resistant lawn.  The primary Bahia variety for lawn applications is Argentine Bahia.  Argentine Bahia is a low maintenance, wide bladed, deep rooted and traffic tolerant bahia grass.  Pensacola bahia is most common in pastures and recreational areas but is used in lawn applications in some occasions.

Bentgrass Seed - Bentgrass is a COOL season grass variety normally used in the northern climates for high end residential lawns, golf courses, athletic fields and recreational applications.  Bentgrass is a fine textured, dark green, low growing, carpet like grass that requires an experienced caretaker. 

Bermuda Grass Seed - Bermuda grass is a WARM season grass commonly used for home lawns, athletic fields, golf courses and commercial landscapes in the southern and central states. Bermuda grass is an excellent choice for the central southern states.  Bermuda grass is adapted to poor soil conditions and has shown to survive where most grasses struggle.  Bermuda grass is a fine bladed, dense textured and dark to medium green grass.

Bluegrass Seed - Bluegrass is a COOL season grass commonly grown in the northern and central climates.  Bluegrass seed is extensively used in lawns, parks, pastures, athletic fields and recreational areas.  Bluegrass is a fine to medium bladed grass with a dark green color.  Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular grass variety in the northern states due to its easy establishment and attractive appearance for a lawn.

Buffalo Grass Seed - Buffalo grass is a WARM season grass used in lawn, pasture and turf applications in the southern climates.  Buffalo grass is a medium to fine bladed bunch grass that provides a medium green color. Buffalo grass is considered a low maintenance, drought tolerant native grass. 

Carpet Grass Seed - Carpet grass is a WARM season used for lawns in wet southern application areas.  Carpet grass is not a salt tolerant species.  Carpet grass prefers acidic soils and produces a carpet like turf. Carpetgrass is a medium bladed, medium textured lawn and turf grass.  Carpet grass has a medium green color.  Carpet grass will require less mowing than other varieties.

Centipede Grass Seed - Centipede is a WARM season grass used for lawn, turf, roadside and recreational application areas.  Centipede is a very attractive choice for southern lawns due to its low growth and low maintenance requirements.   Centipede is a low growing, dense textured, medium green lawn grass.

Dichondria Seed - Dichondria is a WARM season grass alternative ground cover species used for un-mowable areas, landscaping and occasionaly for lawns.  Dichondria is not a grass.  Dichondria prefers moist soils and will survive in partial shade.  The primary used for this variety is ground cover in areas hard to maintain.  Dichondira is a dense, low growing, medium green ground cover.

Fescue Grass Seed - Fescue grass is a COOL season grass used for turf, lawns, parks, athletic fields and recreational areas in the northern and central states.  Fescue varieties include creeping red fescue, turf-type tall fescue, hard fescue and chewings fescue.  Fescue is a fine to medium bladed, dense textured and provides a dark to medium green appearance.

Ryegrass Seed - Ryegrass is a COOL season grass used for lawns, parks, athletic fields, golf courses and pastures in all climates during specific times of the year.  Ryegrass is applicable in the southern states during the winter months and in the northern states during the spring and summer.  Ryegrass is commonly used for winter overseeding, erosion control, ground cover and winter forage.  Ryegrass is a fine to medium bladed, dense textured grass with medium green color.

Seashore Paspalum - Seashore paspalum is a WARM season grass used for turf, lawns, ground cover and golf courses in the southern climates.  Seashore paspalum is a SALT tolerant grass species that will survive in coastal areas where most grasses will not.  Seashore paspalum is a fine bladed, low growing, dense textured grass with dark to medium green color.

Zoysia Grass Seed - Zoysia grass is a WARM season grass used for turf, lawns, parks, golf courses and landscaping application areas.  Zoysia is also adapted to some of the northern climates areas.  Zoysia is a fine to medium bladed, dense textured grass with a dark to medium green color.

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