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WPEZE Turf Type Fescue Grass Seed - 50 lb. bag

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WPEZE Turf Type Fescue Grass Seed - WPEZE is an attractive low growing turf type variety with a dark green to medium dark green color.  WPEZE turf type tall fescue is good for high-traffic home lawns and shady areas. It has better drought tolerance than bluegrass, but does require additional watering in extreme conditions. Tall fescue will grow in either partial shade or sun. It grows well beneath trees that shed their leaves in winter.

Selections from old turf areas in North Carolina, New Jersey, Missouri, Tennessee and Oregon were collected. From these materials, clones were evaluated on color, growth habit, general appearance, size, and disease resistance, among other factors. Under the careful eye of Dr. Kevin McVeigh, one of the foremost plant breeders in Oregon, the progenies to produce WPEZE turf type tall fescue were assembled. WPEZE is an attractive low growing turf type variety with a dark green to medium dark green color.

WPEZE is Easy to Maintain
WPEZE turf is genetically a darker than most all other turf type tall fescue. It therefore holds color better with less fertilizer to produce and maintain an attractive turf.

WPEZE is Disease Resistant

WPEZE has shown good performance and persistence in turf trials, and good heat, cold, shade and insect tolerance under a wide range of turf applications. The selections that make up this unique improved variety got a more than normal improvement from the plant breeder that has made WPEZE resistant to leaf spot, brown patch and crown rust diseases. WPEZE is a stable and uniform variety. No off-types or variants have been noted in the multiplication of WPEZE. All of the generations of WPEZE tall fescue have produced turf of good quality with excellent color and acceptable uniformity either alone or as a blend component. WPEZE was much faster to establish than some more familiar varieties. This fact helped it maintain superior ratings due to turf superiority.

WPEZE turf type tall fescue is an advanced generation synthetic cultivar that combines the selections of materials after they were carried through two cycles of Dr. McVeigh's selections process.

WPEZE has a low to moderate nitrogen requirement with 2-3 Ibs. of actual nitrogen per year per 1000 sq. ft. Has shown good quality with a 11/2" to 21 / 2" cut. With its low height it is EASY to maintain. It requi res less mowing and significantly less water than ryegrass or bluegrass to keep its vigorous, attractive appearance. Mowing quality, when compared with other tall fescue varieties is superior, because it is easy and uniform, leaving turf "clean-cut" with no brown, frayed edges. Forms a dense turf for sod production, home lawns, parks, athletic fields, golf course roughs, roadside enhancements and air strips.

Ideal Planting Time: The best time to plant is late summer, early fall, or spring. If seeding at other times, be prepared to touch up thin or bare spots as needed.

Seedbed Preparation: Till the soil approximately 6 inches deep. Level with garden or landscaping rake. Surface may be firmed by rolling or soaking, then re-raking till level. Leave top ½ inch loose to allow seed to be worked into soil.

Fertilization: Prior to or right after seeding, apply a starter fertilizer to help proper root development. Continue using a systematic fertilizer program to maintain a healthy lawn.

Seeding: Sow seeds evenly at 7-10 lbs/1,000 square feet. Rake lightly into soil. No more than 1/8 inch of soil should cover seed. Roll with a water roller.

Covering: Use blankets, pelletized or paper mulch, or straw to hold soil moisture and hasten germination. Baled straw may bring in unwanted weeds; use with caution.

Watering: Do not allow soil to dry out. Keep soil moist with frequent light watering until seedlings are visible. After lawn is established, water as necessary.

Mowing: Maintain mower height between 2 to 3 inches, never remove more than 1/3 of the grass plant with each mowing.

Weed Control: It is very common to see new weeds when planting a new lawn or disturbing the soil. For new lawns, wait 6-8 weeks before using any herbicide. For existing lawns, the best weed control is to maintain a healthy lawn by regular fertilization, proper mowing, and watering as necessary.

Overseeding An Existing Lawn

Lawn Preparation: Mow lawn to 1 inch and remove clippings. Dethatch with a power rake or hand rake smaller areas.

Seeding: Sow seed evenly at at 4-6 lbs/1,000 square feet. Work seed into existing turf by raking.

Watering: Keep soil moist with frequent, light watering until grass is established.

Mowing: Follow normal mowing practices when grass reaches 3 to 4 inches in height.

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