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Whistler Winter Peas - 10 lb. Bag


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Whistler Winter Peas for Food Plots and Forage

Whistler Winter Peas are a semi-leafless, SWEETER WHITE flowered pea with yellow cotyledons.   They are winter hardy down to 0 degrees F.  Whistler winter peas are white flowered, with a very low anthocyanin content (the reddish, purple color on flowers, leaves, and stems).  Studies have shown that the lower the anthocyanin content, the higher the palatability of forage.  Austrian winter peas are purple flowered, and have a high anthocyanin content.  Sweeter feed means higher intake, higher weight gain, and more profits. 

Whistler Winter Peas are excellent for nitrogen fixation.  Pea seed, properly inoculated, does an excellent job of fixing nitrogen from the air.  The bacteria takes nitrogen, binds it with hydrogen from soil water, and forms ammonium, which is a form that is usable by plants.  This nitrogen fixation makes peas a perfect partner with cereals and grasses, which use large amounts of nitrogen, as well as banking nitrogen for future crops through cover cropping and green manure plowdown.

It is common practice to blend several varieties or mix several species together to get complementary performance within the blend.  Whistler Winter Peas are excellent in blends with other peas.  Being a winter hardy, semi-leafless pea matches perfectly with spring peas for a quick fall forage, and with standard pea varieties that have a tendency to lodge and lose forge quality.  By mixing Whistler Winter Peas with cereals such as oats, wheat, rye or triticale, you will be adding palatability and high quality protein to your forage.  The nitrogen fixing capacity of the peas will be complementary to the cereal forage production.

-high protein forage
-nitrogen fixation & high biomass production
-high palatability
-winter hardy & self-climbing
-excellent in blends and mixtures

Planting Rates:

Drill Rate:  30-50lbs./acre OR mix 60% cereals & 40% peas 70-100lbs./acre
Broadcast Rate: 50-75lbs./acre
Cover Crop: 100-150lbs./acre

Seeding depth: ½” to 1” OR 1 ½” if drilled
Planting Time: Fall, Spring
Fertilizer: 200-300lbs. per acre

***Requires Garden Combo Inoculant...Click Here

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