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Titan RX Tall Fescue Grass Seed - 50 lb. Bag

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Titan Rx is being replaced by Titan Ultra from the Harvester and Producer.

Tech Sheet -

Both Titan Rx and Titan Ultra have good heat tolerance because they both share similar lineage. In the plant world, breeders select multiple parents, or lines for cross-breeding and developing genetic traits for new varieties. Titan Rx and Titan Ultra share some, but not all parental lines, meaning that they have many similarities, and some differences. Heat tolerance is one of the traits they share.

Titan Ultra and Titan Rx have been independently tested throughout the country as part of the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP). Over a 5-year study, Titan Ultra performed equal to Titan Rx in all of the hottest locations, including Arkansas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, and Virginia.


Titan Rx turf-type tall fescue grass seed is the fourth generation Titan tall fescue variety. The Titans are well known and valued for providing durable, attractive turf, even when conditions are less than ideal. Now enhanced with even more resistance to heat, drought, cold and disease, Titan Rx offers you an even more durable lawn, ideal for both sun and shade! Whether planting straight, or using in a mix, Titan Rx is a great choice for homeowners, landscapers, sod producers and athletic fields.

Heat Tolerance
Titan Rx can take the heat! In 2010, Georgia had record-setting summer-time heat, and by December of that year the differences were clearly visible. In fact, a number of well-known varieties simply could not take the enduring heat. Titan Rx was one of the few in the field of 113 trial entries that maintained a high plant counts and good density.

Shade and Cold Tolerance
Titan Rx’s versatility can also be seen in its ability to grow in the shade. In fact, Titan had the second highest score in the 2007-11 NTEP for shade tolerance. Titan Rx can also take the cold! Data from Washington State and Wisconsin shows Titan Rx has good resistance to cold temperatures.

Self-Repairing Rhizomes/Aggressive Tillers
Over time every lawn experiences some sort of damage, leaving bare spots. Maybe it is from a pet, a piece of lawn furniture, or caused by adverse weather. It happens to every lawn. Most tall fescue varieties have only a limited ability to fill in these blank spots. Titan Rx, has been specifically selected to produce rhizomes (or underground shoots), enabling it to provide increased density and fill in bare spots with brand new plants. Titan Rx also has aggressive tillers. Thanks to these rhizomes and aggressive tillers, Titan Rx can help expedite the recovery process if a bare spot occurs.

Disease, Pest, and Drought
Titan Rx’s improved disease resistance, including brown patch, red thread, rust, also ensures attractive turf, even when conditions are extra challenging. Titan Rx not only has excellent disease resistance, but has some of the best drought tolerance available. Furthermore, Titan Rx has a natural built-in, safe pesticide called endophyte. This endophyte repels damaging insects such as billbugs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, army worms, and weevils.

Density, Color, and Quality
Titan Rx provides high spring density, helps reduce weed infestations and promotes upright attractive turf. Titan Rx’s attractive medium-dark green color begins with good spring green-up.

Seeding Rate
titan RX Turf Type Fescue seed should be planted at a rate of 7 - 10 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. or 300 - 400 lbs. per acre

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