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Erosion Control

Erosion Control Problems

Control your loose soil with one application using fast germinating erosion control seed mixtures from Hancock Farm & Seed Company. Soil erosion is a complex process encompassing detachment, transport, and deposition, and is caused by wind, water, and physical disturbance. Soil erosion reduces land productivity, challenges agricultural sustainability, and degrades soil, air, and water quality. Indirectly, soil erosion also degrades environmental quality through contam-inants attached to the sediment. Soil erosion interacts bly with the global carbon cycle and climate change processes. In some conditions, these impacts are so severe that they reduce quality of life and economic well being, and, in poorer nations, they can even threaten survival.

Research into the detachment, transport, and deposition of soil must be a high priority in order to better define these processes and their potential consequences. With this information, better control methods can be developed and implemented.

Hancock's Erosion Control Seed Mixture is designed for dot seeding, extreme erosion control, low input areas, road sides, highway medians, high grade slopes, washes, ditches, retention ponds, horse pastures, extremely sandy soils, lake side erosion and fast ground cover applications. Please use this link for our step by step planting guide for conventional seeding applications. Hydroseeding is a very common seed application for high grade slopes where conventional seeding not possible. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-552-1027 for recomendations for your specifc application area.

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