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Hydroseeding vs Sod in Florida



Hydroseeding vs Sodding in Florida

Hydro-seeding has become more and more popular in Florida due to extremely high cost of sod and installation. Hydroseeding is a very effective and efficient way to establish a lawn, pasture or erosion prone area. For more information on the Hydroseeding process please visit "Florida Hydroseeding"

St. Augustine Sod $105.00(400 Sq. Ft)
Bahia Sod $65.00 Per Pallet (Pallets hold 400 Sq Ft)

Sodding one acre of St. Augustine = $11,445.00

Sodding one acre of Bahiagrass = $7,085.00

Hydro-Seeding One Acre of Lawn = $2,178.00(Average)

Lawn & Pasture Seed Varieties for Hydro-Seeding in Florida:
Improved Turf Varieties of Bermuda(Golf Course Quality)

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