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Majestic Bermuda Lawn Seed (Coated and Unhulled)- 5 lb. Bag

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Majestic Bermuda Grass Seed - Majestic Bermuda grass seed (coated & un-hulled) is clearly the choice for a bermuda lawn grass.  Majestic bermuda is a excellent choice for homeowners, golf course superintendents, sport turf managers, and landscapers. Walking on a Majestic bermuda lawn is like walking on a fine piece of carpeting.

With Majestic Bermuda's fine leaf, dark green color, uniform texture and dense turf, it is truly the royalty of Bermuda grass seed varieties.   Majestic bermuda grass seed provides extremely durability, excellent wear resistance, good winter hardiness and drought tolerance.  Majestic Bermuda grass has a wide range of adaptation. Majestic Bermuda grass is ideal for lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and other turf applications.

Majestic Bermuda vs Blackjack Bermuda -  Through our independent testing and customer feedback it is our determination that Majestic Bermuda offers a much higher quality more improved lawn or turf than Blackjack bermuda.  Majestic bermuda's characteristics (color, texture, durability, wear resistance) are far superior than that of Blackjack Bermuda.

Features: Majestic is fine leafed, darker green color, more uniform in texture, is rapid spreading and produces dense turf.

Benefits: Majestic is extremely durable with excellent wear resistance, good winter and drought tolerance and has a wide range of adaptation. Trials have proven that Majestic requires less mowing than other seeded Bermudas.

Seed Rate: 1 - 2 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.
Seed Depth: 1/4 inch or less
Planting Time: Spring - Fall
Uses: Majestic is ideal for lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and other turf applications.

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Seeding Instructions
Before applying seed, loosen soil depth of four (4) to six (6) inches. Remove all large rocks, trash and debris from the seed bed. Incorporate organic compost or mulch and Gypsum into the bags. Rake soil to a level grade. For best results, roll entire area using a regular lawn roller. (Lawn rollers may be rented at most rental outlets.) Rolling is important to firm the soil to help you get a more uniform and rapid germination. Do not roll heavy clay or adobe soils. This may cause too much compaction. After rolling, rake soil again to fill in any depressions and continue rolling and raking until you have a firm and level seedbed.

Before applying seed and while the soil is still lose, apply a starter fertilizer at the recommended application rate listed on the bag. Lightly rake into the top 1/2 inch of soil. Starter fertilizers are high in phosphorous and are designed to help grass develop strong roots and mature stems, before top growth begins , to ensure your lawn is off to the best possible start.

Coated Majestic Bermuda grass seed should be applied at a rate of approximately three (3) pounds per 1000 sq. ft. (For a thicker stand you may use up to five (5) pounds per 1000 sq. ft.) Spread Majestic Bermuda Seed uniformly on the soil surface. This can be done by using the shaker lids on the Majestic container for small areas or by using a fertilizer spreader or drop-type spreader. A broadcast spreader may be used but is less uniform. To ensure uniform coverage, the amount of seed to be used should be divided in half and spread in an east-west direction and then the other half in a north-south direction. Cover the seed with a seed cover or top dressing using the recommended application rate on the bag. Seed should not be planted at a depth of more than 1/4 inch of soil. Roll entire area again and wet thoroughly. Soil should be kept moist until seedlings reach at least 1 inch in height. If the seedbed is allowed to dry out the seed will not survive.

When to Plant Majestic Bermuda Grass Seed
In the spring, for warmer climates, seedlings should be done after March 15th. For colder climates a good rule of thumb is to wait until the soil temperatures reach 65 degrees. Early planting will give Majestic a head start on annual weeds and allow it to make good growth before extreme hot weather arrives.

If planted in the summer, special attention must be given to watering due to high temperatures. The soil dries very rapidly in the summer, increasing the chance of the soil drying out during germination and establishment.

Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn
For best results, establish a plan or program of lawn care. A beautiful lawn needs, in addition to proper mowing and watering, regular applications of lawn fertilizers, winterizers, and in some cases, weed and insect control. Consult your local nursery professional for the products best suited for your area.

Over seeding existing lawns
All Bermuda grass varieties will go dormant in the winter. Bermuda grass may be over-seeded with a hardy grass such as annual or pernnial rye grass without doing damage to the Bermuda grass.

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