Lawn Plug Planting Guide

Lawn Plug Planting Guide - Planting or Plugging a lawn is a process by which 3x3 inch grass plugs of sod are placed in holes equally spaced in your lawn. Plugs planted evenly in your lawn will spread over several weeks to develop an established lawn. Our lawn plugs have an excellent root system because they are grown in the trays which are shipped to you.  We offer warm season lawn grass plug varieties which are well adapted to growing zones in the southern climates of the United States.  Our lawn plug varieties include Empire Zoysia, Tifway 419 Bermuda, Centipede grass and Palmetto, Sapphire, Bitter Blue, Seville and Floratam varieties of St Augustine.

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Planting your lawn with plugs can have advantages and disadvantages to other methods such as laying sod, seeding, or sprigging.

Advantages of Lawn Plugs
1. Plugs have more roots than sprigs and usually establish a full lawn coverage in less time the springing.
2. Plugs cost much less than sod if they are planted in recommended spacings.
3. Plugs can be purchased online and delivered to your door.

Disadvantages of Lawn Plugs  
1. Digging small trenches and/or holes for each plug can take some time and effort.
2.  Plugs can be much more expensive than simply seeding or sprigging your lawn.

Selecting the Grass Variety  
We offer Empire Zoysia, Bermuda 419, Centipede, and the St. Augustine varieties - Palmetto, Sapphire, Bitter Blue, Seville and Floratam.  These are warm season, perennial grasses that will live year after year if given proper care and are properly suited to your climate. Factors that you may consider when choosing a lawn grass variety include: the desired appearance, primary use, sun and shade requirements, growing zones, salt tolerance, drought and insect resistance and required maintenance.  

Determining the number of plugs needed
To help determine how many plugs you will need, it is a good idea to measure your lawn and determine the square footage to be planted.  Plugs are usually placed in rows diagonal or off set with each other( a criss cross pattern). The closer the plugs are together, the quicker the grass will cover the bare areas in between.  When planted 1 plug per 1 square foot, the number of plugs equals your square feet  ie. 100 square feet requires 100 plugs.  Since Zoysia grass tends to grow at a slower pace, it is a good idea to space them no farther than 12 to 18 inches from center to center of each plug. Each homeowner must make the decision about how many plugs based on his or her own desires.  










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