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Imperial Whitetail Clover Seed is a professionally formulated blend of high yielding clover varieties that offers very unique traits when compared to traditional plantings for wildlife. Wildlife biologists now know the critical importance of high-quality forage and browse for whitetails year-round, especially during the spring and summer months of antler growth and fawn development. Without high-quality, high-protein browse during the antler-growth season, a buck's antlers will not reach their genetic potential.

Like humans, a deer's available diet seldom supplies all of the minerals, vitamins and protein necessary for maximum good health and growth... Whitetail Institute of North America has changed all of that. There is a clover product that has been developed specifically for Whitetail deer and wild turkeys. Imperial Whitetail Clover is a revolutionary breakthrough in plantings for wildlife. As the result of years of painstaking efforts, Imperial Clover is the first clover product developed specifically for Whitetail deer and wild turkey.

One of the major advantages of Imperial Clover is its superior stolon survival in soils during the hot months of spring, summer and early fall. During these months, when plants are tough, falter, and die, Imperial Clover continues to produce, giving your whitetails 12 months of high-quality forage each year. Another important advantage of Imperial Clover is its ability to reproduce foliage from the plant's crown just above the ground. When foliage is eaten or otherwise removed, the crown immediately begins to put out new growth. Imperial Clover is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in Whitetail hunting and management. Because Imperial Whitetail Clover produces 30 -35 % protein 12 months a year and can last for up to 5 years  without replanting, you provide your whitetail herd a valuable source of nutrition as well as saving time and money.





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