Seed Quality: We are frequently asked the questions, "Why is your seed so cheap?" or "Is it poor quality?" Let me explain this to everyone once and for all. Here at Hancock Farm & Seed Company we actually harvest, process, and distribute grass seed. We have been in the grass seed business since 1978. So, many of the products that you find on our site that seem very cheap in comparison to other web retailers are most likely part of our seed production program. Many of the online and retail competitors that you are comparing us to actually purchase the seed they sell from Hancock Seed Company or one of our affiliated partners. Truthfully if there is a company anywhere in the world who has the freshest, highest quality seed wouldn’t you think it would be the few who produce the seed?

Here at Hancock Seed Company we strive to provide the highest quality grass seed and products available. In many cases we keep the highest purity, highest germination and highest quality seed to sell to our loyal web site customer. If you have any doubt at all that our products are of lesser quality than any other seed company in the world I would love to hear from you. 1-800-552-1027

Chris Hancock
Vice President, Hancock Farm & Seed Co., Inc.

Security: We are asked the question, "Is your site secure?" We have a team that is working diligently to prevent any intruders or security issues. Our web site does not store credit card information. We can not view the information if we wanted to. The shopping and payment system is secured through
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Shipping: Here at Hancock Seed Company our goal is to ship your products as fast as possible. In most cases our products are shipped same day from our warehouse. We inventory over 1 million pounds of seed at all times. We are able to fulfill a one pound order to a 100,000 lb. order. We also custom blend grass seed varieties as well as wildlife seed products here at our plant. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you. 1-800-552-1027