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Chufa Seed - 50 lb. Bag (Food Plot)

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Chufa Food Plot Seed - Chufa seed (Cyperus esculentus) is a warm season bunch grass planted in food plots for deer, turkey, ducks, hogs and other wildlife.  Chufa is a legume species that produce a tasty under ground nut or tuber that wild turkey scratch up and eat. Chufas are similar to peanuts and are especially appealing to wild turkey as well as other wildlife.  Chufas take between 75 and 125 days to mature and start producing nuts or seeds.  If the turkeys and other wildlife have not located the seeds after 75-100 days pull a few plants and see if the plants have seeds.  If they do then pull up, scratch or disk a small section of the plot to expose the seeds to the turkeys and other wildlife.  After they figure out where to find the chufa seeds you will see scratching and digging everywhere! 

Seed Rate: 25-50 lbs. per acre / 2-3 lbs.per 1000 sq. ft.
Seed Depth: 1/2-1 inch
Planting Date: April - May
Maturity: 100-125 days
pH: 5.5-7
Fertilizer: 250-400 lbs. 10-10-10 per acre

**Chufa Seed is GMO-Free**

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Planting Chufa Seed
Chufa seed should be planted on well prepared soil free of weeds and other grasses.  Broadcasting is the easiest way to apply the seed.  Try to plant at least an acre of Chufa for best results.  Make sure to cover the seed well to 1 inch as well as possible.  If Turkeys locate the seeds after you plant they can consume the majority of your food plot before it even comes up.  Hogs are a problem as well so keep that in mind when selecting a planting location.  If this is the first time you have ever planted Chufa in your area it is a great idea to uncover a portion of the food plot by scratching or disking to reveal the Chufa nuts or seeds after the plants have began producing nuts or seeds.  Turkey and deer will have a hard time locating the seeds for the first time.

Planting other seed varieties with Chufas.
Planting a seed producing summer pea, soybean, dwarf deer corn, summer clover, millet or wild game sorghum will not hurt the chufas if planted sparingly.  A good stand of Chufa is considered as 3-4 plants per sq. ft.

Will Chufa come back next season
Chufa plants can produce as many as 75 "nuts" or "seeds" per plant.  It is very possible that Chufas will re-seed or come back the following season.  The problem is weed control.  We recommend planting every year to insure a stand and a clean food plot.

Chufa (Cyperus esculentus)
Chufas have other names such as tiger nut, zulu nut, yellow nutgrass, ground almond, edible rush, and rush nut. It is one of two major species of the nutsedge genus Cyperus found throughout Florida on all types of soil from rockland to muck. Its close relative, C. rotundus, is purple nutgrass, a severe problem weed. Both are weed pests, but rotundus is much more of a problem than the chufa, which has been cultivated as a livestock food. On occasion, it is cultivated for human consumption of the tubers, which are eaten raw or baked.


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