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Pennington Wingmaster Quail Seed Mixture - 40 lb. bag


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Pennington's Wingmaster Quail Mixture is a combination of seed producing plants that will provide an excellent food source, cover, and brood-rearing areas. These seed producing plants include Proso millets, Browntop millet, and Sunflower. Throughout the late spring and summer months WingMaster Quail mixture will be producing seed for foraging quail. In a staggered effect, this seed mixture will have plants maturing and dropping seed to the ground over a long period of time. From about 60 days after germination in early summer and extending into the winter, WingMaster will provide an abundant supply of seed.

Uses: Want more quail? Provide habitat for brood-rearing, nesting, loafing, roosting, and protection from predators and inclement weather and they will come. Food plots that produce open ground at chick level with overhead cover make ideal areas for quail chicks to be effective insect predators. With over 90% of chicks' diets made up of high protein insects its first few weeks of life, insect producing areas are critical to their survival. In addition, a healthy quail population will need a good supply of seed producing plants to provide a consistent year round food supply.

In addition, quail will benefit from idled or fallowed areas that are beside a high yielding seed producing food plot. Idled or fallowed land is land that is left undisturbed for short periods of time, usually two to three years. These areas are best distributed across your property as edges. Field corners, field edges, field borders, fencerows, tree lines or drainages are all ideal areas for developing an edge effect that quail will benefit from. The greater the edge the better, so develop them with the most edge effect derived from a long, narrow, winding configuration. For example, an acre (209' X 209') has 836 feet of edge. In contrast, a long, narrow linear acre, 20 feet wide and 2,178 feet long, has 4,356 feet of edge that's over three-quarters of a mile. Proper management of these edges will consist of fall or winter disking every two to three years.

Planting Date: April to June
Rate: 40 lbs. covers one acre or 1 lb./1000 sq ft.
Depth: 1/4"

Best For: Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant, Rabbit and Quail

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