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Patriot Clover Seed - Patriot Clover is one of the new varieties released produced by Pennington Seed that has both yield increases and provides longer lived more persistent stands. Expect Patriot clover to live several years longer than other older types in similar climatic conditions. Patriot White Clover is a coated and pre-inoculated seed product.  No additional inoculant is needed.

Type: Cool season perennial legume

From Eastern Texas and Oklahoma across the South to the Atlantic coast and north along a line from Macon, GA to Dallas, TX.

Patriot is best used to enrich improved high quality grass pasture - MaxQ enhanced tall fescue, orchardgrass and prariegrass. Excellent for grazing fall through early summer.

Research and ranch experiences repeatedly demonstrate the superior feed value of a white clover-grass mixture compared to grass alone. Improvements in conception rates, milk production, calf weaning weights, daily gains and animal health can be realized. Patriot-grass mixtures may also be used for high-quality hay or silage. Patriot also captures atmospheric nitrogen - 50 to 125 lbs. per acre per year.

18 to 28% crude protein and total digestible nutrients (TDN) ranging from 65 to 85%. (Highest values will be obtained with a leaf to 10% bloom harvest.) Maturity of the crop at harvest will determine individual results.


  • Rate: 3 lbs./acre drilled or broadcast into established pastures; 5 lbs./acre for a pure stand.
  • Date: September-November in the Southern U.S. Frost seeded - February and March. Spring seeded in late March or April.
  • Method: Graze or clip pasture close prior to seeding.
  • Depth: 1/4“ maximum; many stand failures result from seed planted too deep.
  • Fertilizer: Liming to a pH of 6.0 and providing adequate levels of potassium and phosphorus are necessary to ensure a productive clover stand. Soil testing is highly recommended. See your local county extension office for details.

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Management: Patriot is pelletized with a coating of lime and selected Rhizobia strains for optimal nitrogen fixation, and once established and nodulated, will not require the addition of nitrogen. Clip or harvest surplus forage in understocked pastures. Under continuous grazing, keeping the grass height at 2 to 6“ will help maintain the clover and control the grass and weeds.

Bloat can be a problem for animals on pastures with a large proportion (>35%) of white clover. Bloat-preventative supplement materials are recommended.

The Yield Up Brand Denotes Pennington's Best.

Patriot white clover proudly wears the Yield Up brand by being a superior and high quality white clover. Patriot white clover in your pasture will improve animal performance with high yields and nutritional enrichment.

Compared to other leading white clovers, over time, Patriot will out yield, fix more nitrogen and persist under grazing to provide the nutritional and economic benefits your farm needs.

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