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Ball Clover Seed - Ball Clover is a cool season clover that is sometimes mistaken for white clover, but the blooms are smaller and more rounded. Although Ball Clover can be quite productive, ball clover has a shorter growing season and often yields less than other commonly grown annual clovers.  Ball Clover is a prolific seed producer even under high stocking rates, and a high percentage of the seed are hard seed. Thus, Ball Clover is an excellent reseeding clover. The primary period of growth is early to mid-spring. Ball clover is best suited to heavy soils, but is surprisingly well adapted to fairly dry sites as well.

  • Excellent reseeding but seedlings have poor vigor.
  • Inoculate with Rhizobia bacteria specific to ball clover.
  • High bloat potential (should be mixed with Ryegrass to reduce risk).
  • Clover head weevil may reduce seed yields; resistant to alfalfa weevil.
  • Good for wildlife plots.
  • Commonly used for Honey Bees

Growth Habit: Short, 1-2 feet tall, erect growth, low growing, looks like white clover.

****Ball clover is a coated seed.****

Life Cycle: Annual
Origin:    Mediterranean Region
Production Season:  March to June. Late maturing, late production, similar to Arrowleaf clover.
Nutritive Value:  Varies depending on maturity (leaf:stem ratio) Usually medium to high crude protein; medium to high digestibility.

Use: Grazing.
Soil:  Sandy loam, to clay. Prefers low wet areas. Tolerates poor drainage
pH:  6.5 and higher
Rainfall:  High moisture conditions. Poor drought tolerance
Temperature:  Cold tolerance is high
Inoculant: Pre Inoculated
Planting Date:  October to December
Planting Depth:    1/10 -1/4 inch
Seeding Rate:    3 to 4 lb/acre

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